Fake Title: Fake: US Unhappy with Ukraine, Looking for Poroshenko Replacement

Fake Author:

Fake Location: Moscow

Target Object: Presidential Administration, Ukraine

Target Location:

Fake Published: 23.11.2016

Content: Scores of Russian and Ukrainian media disseminated a story alleging that Washington is dissatisfied with the Ukrainian government and is looking to replace President Petro Poroshenko. Relying on so-called anonymous sources and manipulating various statements made by political analysts, these fake stories presented a completely distorted picture of US-Ukraine relations.


Fact Title: Russia Distorts Picture of US-Ukraine Relations

Fact Content: While it is unclear yet what particular direction Donald Trump’s foreign policy will take regarding Ukraine, several Republicans continue to voice support for Ukraine. In a recent interview with Voice of America, California congressman Duncan Hunter spoke about military support for Ukraine and normalization of relations with Russia. Ukrainian Ambassador to the US Vitaliy Chalyi also welcomed the recent congressional decision raising the amount of defense aid to Ukraine to 350 million dollars.

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Fact Date: 06.12.2016

Result: Truth