Fake Title: Fake: Warsaw is Ready to Divide the Ukrainian Pie

Fake Author:

Fake Location: Moscow

Target Object: Foreign Ministry of Poland

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Fake Published: 06.07.2017

Content: In an article menacingly entitled Warsaw is ready to divide the Ukrainian pie, Russian site Ukraina.ru, a prolific disseminator of disinformation and fakes, claims that Ambassador Jan Pieklo has proposed to the US that a Yugoslavian scenario be implemented in Ukraine. The European Union is unable to deal with this crisis, so the US must step up, Pieklo allegedly said.


Fact Title: Ambassador Pieklo Said Minsk and Normandy Formats Not Working

Fact Content: The truth is a far cry from Ukraina.ru's claim and as usual has to do with Russian media manipulation and phrases taken out of context. Ambassador Pieklo in an interview with the Ukrainian weekly Fokus expressed the view that the Minsk and Normandy formats dealing with the conflict in Donbas are not working and other solutions should be considered. Pieklo points out that the war in Yugoslavia only ended with the intervention of both NATO and the US. However, the inclusion of NATO in the Donbas conflict resolution could lead to an even greater confrontation, Pieklo says and points out that without the US, it will be very difficult to achieve peace in Donbas.

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Fact Date: 09.07.2017

Result: Truth