Fake Title: Fake: G20 Admits Kyiv’s Violation of Minsk Agreements

Fake Author:

Fake Location: Moscow

Target Object: Presidential Administration, Ukraine Kyiv

Target Location: Kyiv

Fake Published: 01.07.2017

Content: Russian site Ukraina.ru published a story claiming that the leaders of France and Germany consider that Ukraine has failed to comply with the Minsk agreements, the hasty peace deal between Ukraine, Russia and Russian backed separatists signed in 2015. The story is based on a quote from Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov. The story has no quotes or direct references from the leaders of France or Germany.


Fact Title: Merkel: The Minsk Process Will Continue

Fact Content: Neither Chancellor Merkel nor President Macron made any statements even remotely similar to what Peskov claimed they said. Merkel said that the Minsk process will continue, “progress has been very, very slow – with stagnation in some cases, relapses in others. We didn’t gloss over the situation.” Emmanuel Macron pointed out how complicated the situation in eastern Ukraine is, that is why negotiations must continue.

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Fact Date: 08.07.2017

Result: Truth