Fake Title: Fake: IMF and Kyiv Fail to Compromise on Ukraine Aid

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Fake Location: Moscow

Target Object: Presidential Administration, Ukraine International Monetary Fund

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Fake Published: 15.02.2018

Content: In the aftermath of the International Monetary Fund’s visit to Ukraine last week, Russia’s official 24/7 English language channel RT declared that according to its own anonymous source in the Ukrainian Finance Ministry, Ukraine and the IMF failed to reach a compromise on the allocation of the IMF’s fifth tranche of aid.


Fact Title: IMF called the recent visit to Kyiv technical

Fact Content: Meanwhile the IMF called the recent visit to Kyiv technical, whose aim was to discuss various aspects of reforms, in particular draft legislation on the anti-corruption court. Ukraine’s Finance Minister Oleksander Danyliuk explains that one of the conditions for receiving the next IMF loan is passing legislation on the anti-corruption court, something he says his ministry is actively working towards. According to a Financial Times report on the recent talks, the IMF wants progress on the anti-corruption court, natural gas pricing, and fiscal policy changes in order unlock more loans from a faltering $17.5bn assistance package. The anti-corruption court draft law submitted by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko did not meet the Fund’s requirements and needs to be amended.

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Fact Date: 17.02.2018

Result: Truth