"In the history of colonial invasion, maps are always first drawn by the victors, since maps are instruments of conquest; once projected, they are then implemented. Geography is therefore the art of war but can also be the art of resistance if there is a counter-map and a counter-strategy." — Edward W. Said, The Politics of Dispossession

This is a pilot service of the, a non-partisan and non-profit network committed to promoting fact-based journalism, research, education, activism and government.


We are currently developing TruthMinerMe version of the, which

  1. Helps people learn and share the facts and stay safe. We are making sure the information you share is fact-checked. We respect your privacy;
  2. Helps fact-checkers and others fact-based professionals deliver results of their hard work to the people.

We partner with the organizations and people willing and able to adhere to the IFCN fact-checking principles.


We are a group of wo(men) united by our own wills to help others. We are journalists who risked their lives to get facts checked, academicians who made their PhDs on content analysis, practitioners who removed dictatorial governments, commercial lawyers who protected human rights and information technologies professionals who made online miracles possible, fast, user-friendly and safe. is supported by Rhize, Nonviolent Solutions Agency, and Stanford University Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law (CDDRL).


It took us some time to meet by some coincidence at online conversations, street actions and technology hackathons. We keep looking for more people, cause what we are doing is for the people and cannot be done without the people.


We are based in several cities, villages and servers around the world. We meet here, at the

The project is getting Estonian e-residency to be registered under the EU law.


We respect people and their rights for decent life and good public and private services, which are possible due to the hard and professional work of the fact-checkers, academicians, businesses, NGOs and officials whose work is fact-based. We are striving to help them get and share sound data.