What is this?

This is an early pilot of what will be a non-profit service to help people learn, self-organize and fight fakes.

Ok, but what do you do?

At this stage we help those providing facts describe their data and meet those who are misinformed and/or who are looking for facts and solutions.

What does your map mean?

This is map of fakes and anti-fake shares.

How do you make it?

Locations and other details of fakes are taken from our growing database built upon the greatest independent fact checking projects from all around the world. Locations of the anti-fake shares are created by you when you share the anti-fakes to fight against fakes.

How can I see my share on the map?

When you share anti-fake data, the engine takes the ip-address it can see and places it on the map showing it as an answer to the source of the fake.

I shared anti-fake, but the location shown on the map is different from my actual location...

Yes, this can happen. This is no problem. We do not aim to trace your actual location and/or to identify you. Important is your impact of sharing facts against fakes.

So is it real time map?

We are building our capacity to get the data on the fakes in near-real time. Actions to share the anti-fakes is in real time.

Is it a game?

There is an element of gamification. However, this is 100% real data.

Do you publish my personal info when I share the anti-fake info?

No, we do not share your personal information, such as your email or name, either publicly or privately. Other users can see only geography of the shares. Please also see our privacy policy for more details.

Do I have to use my real name when register with you?

Ideally - yes. We spread checked facts and to keep trust we want them to be spread by the people who can be trusted. However, we are perfectly aware of the risks fighters against lies are facing in some societies and countries. This is why we are serious about securing your privacy. Our Terms are clear about the rules here, but if you prefer to stay anonymous, you will not be blocked here just because of this your choice.

How can I be sure I am not spreading fakes when using your service?

The data you share via our service is provided by professional fact-checkers. Every anti-fake contains details and sources and can be verified. Every report published here goes through two levels of analysis: first by the professional fact-checking organisation and then by our editor.

Do you mean your service can make no mistake?

Yes, we can. However, due to our two levels of verification, the risk is rather low. In the event it happens, the mistake will be corrected and you will be informed. Please let us know if you came across a mistake.

How do you check the facts?

Although we are experienced journalists, experts and academics, within this service we do not check the facts. However, we verify the fact-checkers before we start working with them and relevance of the information before publishing.

Who is checking the facts?

The facts are checked by professionals working independently from our services.

Who is funding you?

We are funded by ourselves and our friends. You can donate too.

Who are your key partners?

Our key partner is Stanford University Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law..

How can you make sure the fact-checkers working for you are independent from the funding you receive?

Fact-checkers are not working for us. They are working independently and are not influenced by our agenda and/or agendas of out funders.

Why do people pay you?

For several reasons. We help people do good things – spread facts on what is important for them and their communities. We also help people make sure that what they are sharing is sound data and that they do not feel embarrassed due to finding out they shared some fake statements.

Why do fact-checkers pay you?

Many fakes are paradoxically more popular then the facts and results of fact-checking. We help fact-checkers distribute results of their hard work.

Why do foundations pay you?

Lot’s of wrong things, stupid decisions and terrible actions on the Earth are based upon misconceptions or even lies. To begin changing these things organizations need sound information. We help inform and even educate people.

Is it a commercial service?

No, this is non-profit service. We spend money to develop the service.

It is nice enough! What kind of development does it need?

Well, it looks nice and simple just because our cool designers and developers spent enough time to make sure it looks and works smooth. In fact our strategic plans are huge, we have sound technology behind it and this is just the first component of what we are developing within the project we won at the Stanford University.

Well, you are not so cool, there are bugs in your system! It can be improved!

Surely it can. Please contact us with the details. Thank you.

So is it about technology or is it a kind of journalism?

Do you mean there can be a project with Stanford without some cool technology involved? Yes, of course it is a kind of information technology as well as a kind journalism. The thing is that good journalism is always fact-based. We at the CivicOS.net think that journalism is fact-checking. It is fact-checking of some facts someone wants to hide. We also deliver knowledge to those who lack resources to get good verified info. Disinformation is often used to hide facts behind fakes. We help deal with this.

Is it dangerous?

Not necessarily. In some cases there are no corrupt or vested interests and people just need better knowledge to live better. However finding facts and spreading truth can sometimes be very dangerous. That is why we care about your privacy, as well as privacy of the fact-checkers and our team.

I like what you are doing! How can I join you?

No promises, but please leave your brief explanation on why and how you would love to join us in our contact form.