What is FakesRadar.org?

FakesRadar.org is a startup helping users exposed to disinformation learn facts, share fact-checked data and stay informed and protected from fakes.

What do you mean?

We are developing a communication technology describing fakes and facts, placing them on the map and using gamification to deliver facts where fakes had been shared.

Do you check facts?

No, facts are checked and debunked by independent fact-checking projects.

What stage are you at?

We are at the pilot stage.

How is it going?

The idea is successfully tested. We got a long list of what can be improved. The most important is that it is liked by users and fact-checkers even in this pilot stage.

What does your map shows?

It shows fakes and anti-fake shares.

What do you mean by “Facts”?

Data, which can be checked independently. Debunked fakes.

How do you make the map?

Locations and other details of fakes are taken from the database built upon the independent fact checking projects. Locations of the anti-fake shares are created by you when you share the anti-fakes to fight against fakes.

How can I see my share on the map?

When you share anti-fake data, the engine takes the ip-address it can see and places it on the map showing it as an answer to the source of the fake.

Location of some users sharing Facts is shown not correctly...

Yes, this can happen. This is no problem. We do not aim to trace users’ actual location and/or to identify them. Moreover, we encourage users to hide their real ip-address for security reasons. Important is that every user can take part in the fight against disinformation, education of his/her friends who happened to share and/or be exposed to fakes and see his/her impact immediately.

So is it real time map?

Actions to share the Facts is in real time. We are building our capacity to get the data on the fakes in real time too.

Is it a game?

There is an element of gamification. However, this is real data.

Do you publish users’ personal info when facts are shared?

No, we do not share users’ personal information, such as email or name. Other users can see only geography of the shares. The ip-addresses and other data will be stored securely.

Do you mean your service can make no mistake?

Yes, we can. However, due to the two level verification – by the independent fact-checking services and by our content manager, the risk is low. If it happens, the mistake will be corrected and users will be informed.

Who is funding you?

We are funded by ourselves and our friends.

Why do you think your solution will work?

It is already tested, users and fact-checkers like it.

Who are your partners?

Our key content partner is StopFake. Our partners are Rhize and Stanford University Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law (CDDRL). We are open to more good partnerships.

How can you make sure the fact-checkers working for you are independent from the funding you receive?

Fact-checkers are not working for us. They are working independently and are not influenced by our agenda and/or agendas of out funders.

Why do people pay you?

They don’t. The basic service will be free. However, we expect some will be ready to pay for extra services, such as checking their newsfeeds 24/7.

Is it a commercial service?

No, it is a non-for-profit service at the moment.

Well, FakesRadar can be improved.

Surely it can. That is why we are always happy to learn what can be improved and looking for the ways to implement this.

So is it about technology or is it a kind of journalism?

Do you mean there can be a project with Stanford without some cool technology involved? Yes, of course it is a kind of information technology as well as a kind of journalism. The thing is that good journalism is always fact-based. We at the FakesRadar.org think that journalism is fact-checking. It is fact-checking of some facts someone wants to hide.

Is it dangerous?

Not necessarily. In some cases there are no corrupt or vested interests and people just need better knowledge to live better. However finding facts and spreading truth can sometimes be very dangerous. That is why we care about your privacy.

How can I join you?

No promises, but please leave your brief explanation on why and how you would like to join us in our contact form.